One of the biggest challenges I see kids facing today is that they are NOT growing up the way you and I did!

They don’t play outside, the don’t jump and climb, ride their bikes etc. Matter of fact, kids can’t be outside because we have predators to worry about ☹️

So when a child comes into the school for a trial, I have no idea what kind of shape they’re going to be in. Back in the day, even if I got a kid that was little overweight, they could still move.

Fast forward 30 years and I’m lucky if kids know how to walk properly, no less run or  jump. I mean they all come in with thumbs like the “Hulk” from playing with video games. But the rest is a gamble at best.

The problem is that kids are always indoors nowadays. Even if they go over to a friend’s home for a play date… they’re STILL inside.

Now as I mentioned in an earlier post-exercise helps kids burn off all that crazy energy they have and even increases focus and settles down to do their homework.

Today I’d like to share 3 FUN Exercises for Kids.

  1. Running in Place.
  2. Planks
  3. Flying High 5!

Running in Place: Have your child start jogging and then have them sprint (run fast) for 5-10 seconds. Do it once or twice during a 20-second interval.

Planks: Have your child put their hands, arms and elbows on the floor then lift and hold their body in a plank position for 20 seconds.

Flying High 5: This is my kids favorite! Start in a squat position and hold your hands above their head and have jump vertically and touch your hands in the air.

The secret to the success of my academy is all fun Karate “games” we play. So be sure to play these “games” with your child and

I’ll see them at the top!