Confidence is a BIG problem in kids nowadays. Children are very sheltered and just don’t socialize the way we did when we were kids. They’re not outside, they don’t hang with multiple friends, so they struggle in new social settings 🙁

Too often kids “shy up” even when they go to a classmate’s party. This is a challenge and we need to help our kids “break” the confidence “barrier!”

==Here are 3 Simple Steps to Confidence!!==

Step 1: Eye Contact.

Step 2: Strong Posture.

Step 3: Loud Clear Voice.

Eye Contact–Looking down, when speaking to others, is a sure sign of a lack of confidence. Teach your child to always make eye contact when speaking or being spoken to.

Strong Posture–Don’t allow for slouching over when speaking. NOTHING says “weakness” more than a poor posture. This person literally looks weak! Make your child stand up straight and strong when in a conversation with you or someone else.

Loud Clear Voice–Don’t let them mumble or “low” talk. Help them to speak clearly in a strong voice.

Our SECRET Bully Defense Strategy…Shhh!

You might of guessed it, but the foundation to our GoForIt Bully Defense System ARE the 3 Rules of Confidence.

Bullies are cowards by trade and are looking for easy prey! When a bully crosses paths with a kid who walks, looks, and sounds strong; they quickly move on!

Now as I’ve mentioned in the past, nothing works on the first try

and confidence is something that we’re definitely going to have to work on.

The “trick” to gaining confidence is to keep kids doing that which they fear—NOTHING kills a fear, uncertainty or doubt (FUD) faster.

Need help? We’re here for you. Confidence is a skill that is trained DAILY at our Academy. Stop by the school and watch our instructors in action or click below to learn more.


So help your child overcome their FUD’s with the 3 Rules and I’ll see them at the Top!