The best way to build a competitive spirit in your child is to “challenge” them. You see, kids love a challenge.

When you bring your kids to our academy, we challenge them right from the outset.


First, we’ll teach them a skill and then turn it into a game. Games are fun! We’ll do…

  • Speed Contests=>Who’s the fastest?
  • Strength Contest=>Who can “hold” a position the longest?
  • Jumping Contest=>Who can go the highest?

…and the list goes on…

Everything is a contest or game. You’ll see your kids put in their BEST effort, hear parents cheering them on…I mean you can feel the excitement!!

But our student’s favorite challenge is when they go up against the Instructors. You see our Instructors are very experienced (OLD)…their ages start in the 20’s, but some roamed the Earth along with the Dinosaurs (50+ 😉

So the kids get a real kick out of competing against the instructors.

I know what you’re thinking…”What’s this have to do with me?”

Lots! Everything can be a contest in your home…schoolwork, chores, exercise, etc. Even the local learning centers have taken up this method where they give a prize when the student has a good session.

All you have to do is ask yourself, “How can I make this activity fun?” You’ll be shocked at how fast you can get your kids moving when it’s fun!

So Challenge your kids and I’ll see them at the Top!