Meet Nick, one of our New Black Belts.

Unlike most of our students, Nick struggled with motivation as an Intermediate but he persevered!

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…as he tells his story and celebrate with him!


When we saw Nick starting to struggle, we sat with his parents, Al and Debbie, and strategized… We gave Nick FREE privates and Al and Debbie committed to bringing him to the academy even if he resisted.

You see, Nick’s parents understood that he was slowly but surely learning the value of commitment! They knew that Nick’s success was dependent on showing up for class.

The result is evident…we now have a young man with a Non-Quitting Spirit! It’s that very spirit that will carry him to academic success, as well as success in life.

Think of it this way…

It’s VERY hard to beat someone that WON’T quit!

Could your child benefit from learning the value of commitment?

See you at the top!