We’ve been so busy teaching all the kids from the neighborhood that we couldn’t keep up with our posts!

I’d like to make it up to you right now! I want to give your child 2 free weeks of Karate at one of our 3 locations – CLICK HERE to get your 2 weeks free!

Also, starting today, we will be giving you loads of valuable content to help your child, Focus, Follow Directions and Develop a Strong Character!

Before we get started, I want you to understand that I am NOT writing about theory. These ARE practical strategies.

We’ve been using them every day at our Karate Academy for the past 35 years and have successfully taught tens of thousands of kids.

BTW, did I mention I have 6 kids of my own? That’s right and I am “surviving” by utilizing these skills 😉

So let’s get started…

I can’t tell you how many times a week I get a call from a parent who’s having a challenge getting their kid to Focus!

Funny thing is that it’s really NOT hard when you know how…

Aside from issues like ADD or ADHD, getting your kid to focus is easy when you follow these 3.5 Easy Steps…

1. Old School=> “Yes Mom!”

2. Eye Contact

3. Repeat Behavior Desired



SMART NOTE: Nothing works the first time out. It’s going to take time. You need to be faithful and stick to your guns as you implement these teaching skills!


Old School: There is no more valuable focus tool than a good old fashioned “Yes mom/dad!”

When you call your child over to do something and they say “Yes Mom!,” it anchors them in. This sends the message that you demand their attention and what you’re about to say IS important.

Yes! It is old school but in my 40+ years of teaching, I can honestly say that old school IS the BEST School!

More importantly, when your child chimes in with a “Yes mom!” They are practicing to be respectful and courteous.

What parent wouldn’t a child like that in their household?

Can’t get them to answer?


Parenting is NOT a democracy; it’s a “Democratic Dictatorship!”

As parents, we will listen, hold and even cry with our child…then they WILL do what we want!

So when they don’t respond, have them repeat after you! Nothing can happen until you get the appropriate response!

Hold your ground, be faithful and I’ll see your child at the Top!