Why my kids take Karate [And Maybe Yours Should TOO]

4 out of my 6 kids are already Black Belts. I found that 3-4 years old was the best time for them to start their training. Here’s why…The younger, the better. When kids are small they don’t get “easy” or “hard.” What they do understand is boring and fun.

Manesha Beats Fear

Meet Manesha one of newest probationary Black Belts. Earning your black belt at our academy is no small feat mind you, but Manesha’s victory is especially sweet!

A Method Helping Kids Succeed

The best way to build a competitive spirit in your child is to “challenge” them. You see, kids love a challenge. When you bring your kids to our academy, we challenge them right from the outset. First we’ll teach them a skill and then we’ll turn it into a game. Games are fun!