So we’re now ready to put all the skills we’ve learned together.

Just in case you missed one of our posts, here’s a quick review of the first 3 Focus Skills:

  1. Old School=> “Yes Mom!”
  2. Eye Contact
  3. Repeat Behavior Desired

The glue to all these skills is a well-guarded secret passed down from generation-to-generation to Karate Master-to-Karate Master 😉

And the “secret” is…drumroll please…


 Now I am not talking about bribing your child. The best things in life are FREE—HUGS & KISSSES!

Children want to please their parents and there is no better reward than a BIG hug and kiss from Mom or Dad when they get things right.

Not into the hugs & kisses? No worries, an exuberant “High 5” will do just fine or even better a resounding…

”That’s my big boy/girl!”

Remember, little guys want to be big guys and big guys want to be teens—teens want to be adults!


WARNING: Kids try hard for a moment and if you miss it, that’s it! They’re done—You didn’t see it, which means that it wasn’t as

important to you or as you made it sound and that’s it—they quit! So be on the lookout for the smallest improvement.


One more thing…What you focus on manifests. If you focus on the behavior you don’t want–you’ll get more of the same​​​, but if you focus on what you DO want then you’ll get more of that!

Hope this makes sense?​​

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Final thought…

The acronym for F-O-C-U-S  is Follow-One-Course-Until-Successful. So be faithful to the system and I WILL see your child at the Top 🙂