Today I want to share (with you) one of the biggest challenges I see with young parents and after working with over ten thousand kids, I’ve seen it all.

Over the years, there has been this movement amongst parents to be their child’s friend.

Kids DON’T need more friends—they have plenty of friends!

What they DO need is a Mom & Dad to provide them with Structure, Boundaries and UNCONDITIONAL love!

You are the parent, which means your decisions will be unpopular at times, but are ALWAYS in the best interest of your child.

Personally, in my household (we have 6 kids) my wife and I run what we like to call a “Democratic Dictatorship.” Which means we listen to our kids rants, protests and demands…We understand what they ask and then…We, the parents, DECIDE the appropriate action regardless of how popular that decision may be.

Is this easy? Sometimes NO. But we always finish off by telling our kids how much we LOVE them and that our decisions are based on that love.

So remember that being a parent is NOT a popularity contest. Love, Discipline and provide Structure for your child and I will see them at the Top!

To your child’s success,

Gustavo Larrea

To your child’s success,