WARNING: Poor Self Esteem Can Be Fatal!

I want to WARN you to watch over your child’s self-esteem like a “hawk!”

You see, kids with mild to severe focus issues like ADD and ADHD are susceptible to LOW self-esteem. These kids usually have trouble in school and can quickly become the target of cruel remarks from other kids.

Kids can be mean. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a child in my office with little to no self-esteem (shoulders down, no eye contact…depressed)  because he was taunted in school and called “dummy” or “stupid” 🙁

In addition, since these kids are struggling in school they’re just not feeling too good about themselves.

What we, as parents, need to learn is that kids who have trouble focusing are usually Kinesthetic—They learn by doing and feeling.

These kids excel in a learning environment where they can be interactive. Activities such as Dance, Gymnastics, and Karate are PERFECT!

These activities provide kids with a strict structure and utilize their entire body.

Every day at our academy, I hear kids cheer themselves and others on. You can see their joy and feel their enthusiasm!

Our program nurtures kids to become achievers through celebrating the smallest victories. Not only is this beneficial but necessary to rebuild your child’s self-esteem!

So guard your child’s self-esteem, put them in activities where they can be successful, and celebrate their victories.

Remember, self-esteem is the building block to confidence and once your child is confident, they become UNSTOPPABLE!