Today I want to share how we help kids to Develop a Strong Character.

Our definition of character is…

When Discipline meets Honesty.

Character Development is smartest investment you can make in your child’s future!

It all starts with the story of the Bumble Bee. You see, a Bumble Bee is NOT supposed to be able to fly.

Aerodynamically, the Bumble Bee’s body is too big

And his wings are too small to fly.

I think I tell it better than I write it so watch the video:

We have 2 locations – Ozone Park and Hicksville.

We had a great time filming this in Queens—LOVE these kids 😊

The next time you see your child struggling, remind him of the story of the Bumblebee. Teach them to Persevere and Achieve just as the Bumblebee did!

Do this and I’ll see them at the Top!