Manesha beats fear

Meet Manesha one of newest probationary Black Belts. Earning your black belt at our academy is no small feat mind you, but Manesha’s victory is especially sweet!

#1 Shocking Parenting Mistake And How to fast-track your child’s success

Today I want to share (with you) one of the biggest challenges I see with young parents and after working with over ten thousand kids, I’ve seen it all.

The Quickest & Easiest Way to Focus

The glue to all these skills is a well-guarded secret passed down from generation-to-generation to Karate Master-to-Karate Master ;) And the “secret” is…drumroll please… A STRONG REWARD SYSTEM!

Focus […made EASY]

Having the kids repeat back what she wanted done was and is the key to our parenting success. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say is crucial to getting your child to follow directions.  Now as you’re quickly learning…easier said than done, unless…you know how.

Kids Following Directions [SECRET REVEALED]

Now that we’ve got your child responding with a powerful “Yes Mom!” when called…We’re now ready to take the next step: Eye Contact! 

Practical Strategies

When you call your child over to do something and they say “Yes Mom!,” it anchors them in. This sends the message that you demand their attention and what you’re about to say IS important. Yes! It is old school but in my 40+ years of teaching, I can honestly say that old school IS the BEST School! More importantly, when your child chimes in with a “Yes mom!” They are practicing to be respectful and courteous. What parent wouldn’t a child like that in their household?